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"Pick-Me-Up" Yoga via Women’s Health Mag. These poses boost energy and is a healthier alternative to a power nap.

"Pick-Me-Up" Yoga via Women’s Health Mag. These poses boost energy and is a healthier alternative to a power nap.

The benefits of exercise are endless for our bodies, however this New York Times article breaks down the essentials of exercise for your mind as well. Click the link to read on!

The American College of Sports Medicine has released a new list of recommended time spent on exercise per week:

- At least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise

- 30-60 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days/week


20-60 minutes of vigorous exercise 3 days/week

- Resistance/strength training (weights, bands)

    Days/week: 2-3 days

    Repetitions: 8-12

    Sets: 2 to 4

    *48 hour break between workouts.

- Flexibility/stretching

   Days/week: 2 to 3

   *Hold stretches for 10-30 seconds

Full article is available at the link above.

If you or someone you may know is at risk for diabetes or heart disease, here is a great article that suggests aerobics and weight training exercises to tackle these conditions. Read more to find out why, and what you should do!

Do you have any fitness questions that need answering? Submit anonymously to our “ask” section for the completely thorough answer to your health needs. Withholding what’s on your mind could be blocking you and your peers from reaching your fitness goals!

Exercise tip: Have a glass of low-fat chocolate milk post-workout. Physical benefits include lean muscles, less fat, and overall time improvement in workouts. Plus, you’ll be in better physical shape than those who consume sports beverages.

Balanced & Body Sculpt workout is 20 minutes of weights and lunges, but the results you will get from doing this routine consistently are toned arms and a great lower half. With a combination of cardio and strength training, be prepared to work up a sweat! It’ll be very worth it, though.

Need a cardio workout today? Cindy Whitmarsh’s Less is More Cardio is a 30 minute video broken down into into three 10 minute intervals, with two opportunities to quickly replenish before going into the next segment. This is a moderate workout intended to be done 3-5 days a week, great for people of all fitness levels.

Reader’s Question: Are there any exercises specifically targeted for slimming your face?

Losing body fat is not limited to exercise, and there is no exception for your face. Eliminating and increasing certain foods from your diet, along with exercise will aid in overall facial weight loss.

My philosophy on dieting is to eat healthier, not less. Counting calories should be used to track your health and eating habits, not to deprive yourself of certain foods for going over your set daily intake. This is where exercise comes in. As long as you’re working out for more than 20 minutes a day, you’re burning fat and the calories will burn throughout the day (even when you’re sitting down).

Drink More Water
Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Drinking up to nine 8-ounce glasses of water a day. If you’re a fan of soft drinks, or you need added flavor to your water, I highly recommend MiO Liquid, a fruit flavored water enhancer that contains 24 servings per bottle, and comes in an assortment of flavors including peach tea and strawberry watermelon. Bonus? It contains zero calories. Zero fat. Zero sodium. Its ingredients also do not pose any health risks, so it’s ideal for every diet.

Eat Less Salt
Sodium causes bloating. Eliminate processed foods from your diet, as they tend to be high in sodium. Buy ingredients to cook your favorite meals at home, and buy organic. Organic is becoming a regular feature in stores, and it isn’t as expensive as it used to be when it was less accessible. Organic produce may be up to two dollars or so more, but jarred products such as pasta sauce are typically about the same price be it organic or not. Also, it tastes no different than your non-organic product.

Opt for healthier snacks, as opposed to ones that contain salt. This includes junk foods such as chips, pretzels, etc. Switch to low-sodium. Replace salty snacks with healthier alternatives, such as fruit and vegetables. A bag of chips that will last a day is equal in price to a pound of produce that can last up to a week. Adding at least three servings of fruits and three servings of vegetables makes you fuller faster due to its high fiber intake.

Work Out More
Performing some type of cardio 3-5 times a week is ideal in weight loss, but when you want to prevent stretching your skin, you also want to tone your body. Strength training is good for this because it leans your body and burns calories due to the added muscles you’re getting from the exercises. Your body only requires 2 days a week to gain muscle.  Do 20-30 minutes of strength training at least 2 times a week, but still keep up with your cardio!